Pre-anouncement of the publication of ‘Greek Capitalism in Crisis – Marxist Analyses’

This is a pre-anouncement of the publication of ‘Greek Capitalism in Crisis – Marxist Analyses’.

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The volume editor is Stavros Mavroudeas.

Its contents are the following:

INTRODUCTION (Stavros Mavroudeas)

PART I: Critiques of mainstream and heterodox analyses of the Greek problem

  1. Mainstream accounts of the Greek crisis: more heat than light? (Stavros Mavroudeas and Dimitris Paitaridis)
  2. Fiscal crisis in Southern Europe: Whose fault? (Thanasis Maniatis)
  3. Explaining the rising wage-productivity gap in the Greek economy (Thanasis Maniatis and Costas Passas)
  4. The Memoranda: a problematic strategy for Greek capitalism (Demophanes Papadatos)
  5. ‘Financialisation’ and the Greek case (Stavros Mavroudeas)

PART II: Marxist explanations of the Greek crisis

  1. The Law of the Falling Rate of Profit and the Greek economic crisis (Thanasis Maniatis and Costas Passas)
  2. Profitability and crisis in the Greek economy (1960-2012): an investigation (George Economakis, George Androulakis and Maria Markaki)
  3. The Greek crisis: a dual crisis of overaccumulation and imperialist exploitation (Stavros Mavroudeas and Dimitris Paitaridis)


PART III: Analyses of particular areas (labour market, social policy, health economics)

  1. Economic crisis, poverty and deprivation in Greece. The impact of neoliberal remedies (Christos Papatheodorou)
  2. A comparative study of the structure of employment in Greece before and after the crisis (Alexis Ioannides)
  3. Recession and atypical employment: a focus on contemporary Greek metropolitan regions (Stelios Gialis)

CONCLUSIONS (Stavros Mavroudeas)


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  1. Κύριε Μαυρουδέα υπάρχει περίπτωση να εκδοθεί στα ελληνικά;

    Μου αρέσει!


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