The SYRIZA government negotiations with the EU are futile.

The SYRIZA government negotiations with the EU are futile.

There is no room for a course supporting popular and national interests within the EU



During the recent months the entire Greek society follows the thriller of the negotiations of the SYRIZA-ANELL coalition with the EU. The SYRIZA-ANELL coalition is striving for a essentially a relaxation of the troika (EU – IMF – ECB) Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece. It has already reneged on its electoral promises for a completely different course and has already accepted more than 85% of this disastrous programme (according to G.Varoufakis’ declarations). What the SYRIZA-ANELL coalition is trying to achieve is a mitigation of the troika austerity (lower primary surpluses, no cuts in pensions, milder taxation etc.), facilitation of debt servicing (through an extension and financial trickery) and development aid. This aim does not rectify the devastating impact of the troika programme nor charts a different perspective for the people and the country. The intransigent attitude of the lenders shows that even these cosmetic changes are not acceptable. They demand direct and violent new measures that would worsen Greece’s economic depression. It should be noted that the previous New Democracy-PASOK government had already accepted these measures through the infamous mail Hardouvelis (its last Finance minister who in his spare (from ‘saving the country’) time endeavoured in exporting his deposits abroad). The humiliating troika demands are supported by the majority of the domestic elite that, as recent studies show, has profiteered from the austerity programme. But for the vast majority of the Greek working people this road is a dead end. Even a milder Economic Adjustment Programme leads to a prolonged impoverishment of the working people and the further denigration of the country to a servant of the EU rulers. The only way for a pro-popular course for the country passes through the painful but promising confrontation and disengagement from the EU (and not simply from the EMU).


Stavros Mavroudeas

Professor of Political Economy

University of Macedonia



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