A debate in The Debate of Press TV on the Greek crisis, 22-6-2015

The Iranian international news service Press TV in its Debate focused again on the Greek crisis and the disastrous ongoing negotiations of the Tsipras government with the EU. I was ivited to participate in it..

This is the video of the event:


The latest in the Greece debt talks which was held in an emergency meeting has ended with no breakthrough. Although another round of talks is expected in coming days, chances of a breakthrough are viewed as slim. Greece’s latest proposals: VAT rates, early retirement measures and tax increases. , which aim to cover a good part of the country’s budgetary gap was rejected by its creditors. Meanwhile, the deadline of June 30 is fast approaching.


– Stavros Mavroudeas (ATHENS), Prof. of Political Economy, Univ. of Macedonia

– Richard Ashworth (BRUSSELS), Member of European Parliament


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