Intervention in Press TV’s coverage of the Volkswagen scandal

Some short interventions in Press TV’s commentary on the VW emissions scandal


Behind scenes of Volkswagen scandal

Fri Nov 20, 2015 1:51PM



When the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke out, it took many by surprise, including some industry insiders. But there was a motive behind uncovering this cheating by the EPA, which revealed that the US did not want VW to compete in its car industry.

The VW group emissions cheating were due to VW not having any electric hybrid cars in the works. It had marketed its diesel engines as the alternative to regular petrol, with more gas mileage per gallon. Yet it turned out that the emissions was 30-40 times greater than regular cars. The issue was known by German officials since the German government has a stake in the car company, which may indicate complicity.

Yet scandals are nothing new to the VW group. From sex parties to bribery and insider trading, the VW group has a tainted past.





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