Intervention for the refugee crisis in today’s PressTV News

A short intervention on the issue of the unfolding refugee crisis in today’s PressTV News.

This is the recording of the interview:


A fuller account of my views on the refugee crisis folows:


  1. The refugee crisis has been caused by the mayhem created by Western imperialist interventions in the Middle East and Northern Africa. US is the main actor but the EU, which went along, is called to py the price of the refugee influx.
  2. Turkey has played along in order to foster its sub-imperialist ambitions in the area. Then it permeated the influx of refugees to Europe through Greece as a bargaining card for geopolitical and economic gains. Part of them is the quick ‘solution’ of the Cyprus problem according to its interests. Similar is the game played by Saudi Arabia and Quatar.
  3. EU’s dominant ruling classes aspire to the cheap labor offered by the refugees but at the same time is wary of the destabilizing effect in European societies. Germany in particular
  4. Greece bears the main burden of the refugee crisis because of the subservience to Western and EU interests of its ruling class and its governments (SYRIZA included). A country in its 7th year of crisis, with huge unemployment (26%) and immigration to the West and facing a new austerity program is designed by the EU to become a ‘souls’ store’* to act as a buffer to the refugee influx so as Germany to filter those that it wants to host and reject those that it does not. Greek society has reacted humanely by helping the refugees – who live and die in horrid conditions – and by cursing EU’s duplicity. But if it becomes a buffer store for refugees then social tensions should increase uncontrollably.
  5. The only solution to the problem is the halt of western interventions in the Middle East and the Northern Africa and the stabilization and reconstruction of the affected countries.




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