A short interview in SPUTNIK News on the G7 meeting and Trump trade wars – 8-6-2018


This is the recording of a short interview regarding the current G7 meeting in today’s SPUTNIK radio News (8-6-2018).

The main issues are what is the US Trump administrartion trying to achieve and whether the other Western countries in the G7 are going to confront it or they will capitulate in the end.

My take is that the Trump administration is trying to preserve US’ superpower status by using all its leverage very aggresively in order to subdue its opponents (especially China) and bolster US’ position in an era of economic crises and geopolitical tensions that threaten the latter’s dominant position.

The Western countries that participate in the G7 will probably pay dearly the trade wars that US is waging against primarily China. However, they are very weak and very strongly dependent upon the US in order to stop them.

The possibility of a collapse of the US hegemony is a real one but it want come from the other Western countries in the G7 (which is trully a pretty irrelevant structure nowadays) but from countries outside it; primarily China and Russia.

The full version of the interview follows



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