Interview in Press TV News – 7-7-2019

Following is the viedo of a recent interview in Press TV News regarding the US sanctions, the ICPOA agreement and Iran’s increase of nuclear production



The EU is in the middle. It is pressed by US but it cannot resist it. The INSTEX mechanism is simply s figurehead.

The US, with the current Trump administration, wants to either bring Iran to its knees or even instigate a ‘regime change’. Thus, it tries to put enormous economic pressure through sanctions targeting especially Iran’s oil exports. It also, with the overt and covert co-operation of the Saudis and Israel, instigates a ‘dirty war’ against Iran; currently under false flag operations. Britain which is supposed to remain in the JCPOA oscillates towards the US both with regards to the ‘false flag’ operations and the sanctions (as the recent seizure of an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar indicates).



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